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Rossmore is an award winning jewelry line designed and produced by Suzanne and Cliff Duyn.

Founded a decade ago in a small downtown jewelry co-op, today we are a full service boutique manufacturer and merchant, offering quirky jewelry handmade in L.A. using the finest sustainably rendered materials available.

While attending UCLA’s prestigious School of Arts and Architecture, Suzy apprenticed with fine jewelers and found her calling.

‘Life is full of perfect imperfections’ is the inspiration behind designer Suzanne Lequex’s clean, quirky, designs.

Rossmore is now a family business. Artist/husband Cliff Duyn & Suzy are commited to testing the theory that art with conviction is key to creating timeless pieces that resonate.

In 2016 CNBC's Billion Dollar Buyer Tilman Fertitta discovered Rossmore Jewelry Studio while having Cliff and Suzy on the show! You can watch what happened on CNBC or here: B$B Season 1 Episode 5


xo Cliff & Suzy