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2018 marks our 10 Year Anniversary, and as a massive Thank You to everyone who has helped us make this remarkable journey, we now are committing to donate 20% of our proceeds from every sale of Rossmore through this retail site to charity.

We are able to do this because we sell our wares via wholesale channels and also run a very tight, small, efficient ship. -We'd like to donate as much to charity as possible and remain family owned, because this allows us to produce quality over quantity, and donate to charity over creating extreme profits.

Furthermore, Suzy Lequeux Duyn, now is Charity Blogging. Which means she works creating blog partnerships, appears in TV and film,  and in-store, while making deals and promoting other brands and partnerships, and from this she is also committed to donating 50% of her proceeds to charity.

Follow Suzy's Blogging here:

& Please email us at if you would like to partner with us to raise funds for your charity through an emailer blast, or through charity blogging partnerships.

Thanks so much,

charities we have worked with or are currently raising funds to donate to:

Cura Orphanage

Creative Visions



Fund for Sacred Spaces

The Midnight Mission